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For ages 3-9... When shadows fill your room at night, how do you make them go away? Do you chase them, or do you stay tight beneath your covers and wait for the morning light? Through rhyming poetry, this book offers advice to children who may be afraid of their own shadows and need assurance that their own scary shadows will go away if they stay tucked in bed, close their eyes and drift off to sleep.






Aaron Barnes, a widower, lives next door to an interracial couple who do their best to avoid his racist, sexist, and homophobic rants. Aaron seeks help for depression, but he is administered an experimental drug and changes into Erin, a younger African American woman. Vanessa, a transgender Latina, offers Erin advice on how to accept his new identity. Erin meets Tess, a lesbian whom he decides to date. By the end of Erin’s journey, Aaron learns some powerful lessons about acceptance by walking in the shoes of someone very different from himself.

  • Cast Size: 4M 3W

  • Running Time: 90+ minutes

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