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interJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature, Volume III
Edited by JulieAnn Charest Govang


ISBN 1-60513-249-7
JAC #2014-0001


Ever need that perfect character monologue for an audition or performance? A sampling of many wonderful playwrights nationwide, interJACtions contains selections for men, women or either, and all races— but all true characters unto themselves.


Includes “It’s All About Me” from The Lacemakers by Andrew Martineau


Available through

Scene from "Be That As It May" - Future Tenant production in Pittsburgh (2015)

Waters of Her Noblest Rivers 1.jpg

Scene for "The Waters of Her Noblest Rivers" - Visions/Revisions Festival, Anacostia Playhouse, Washington, DC (2018)

New Story! "Pasta Head" on Amazon Rapids!




Playwriting Publications

   One-acts plays

  • "Etched in Stone" (Green Room Press) -- 2016
  • “Functions” (Heuer Publishers, Inc./Green Room Press) – 2000, 2016
  •  Monologue from The Lacemakers in InterJACtions III (JAC Promotions and Publishing, Inc.) -2014
  •  and on -2018
  • "Visitation" and "The Snow Angel" (Smith Scripts) -- 2021
      Full-length plays
  • Trash Day (Next Stage Press) --2021


Production History

  • University of Miami (FL) (2021) -- "One Fifty"

  • Anacostia Playhouse, Washington, DC (2018) - "The Waters of Her Noblest Rivers" (staged reading)

  • Watermelon, Inc., St. Mary's City, MD (2017) - "Fable Group"

  • Works in Progress Theatre,  Baltimore, MD (2017) - "Trash Day" (staged reading)

  • Flathead Valley Community College Theatre, Kalispell, MT (2016) - "Be That As It May"
  • Nu Sass Productions, Washington, DC (2016) - "One Fifty" 
  • Ivy Theatre Company, New York City (2016) - Trash Day (staged reading)
  • Watermelon, Inc., Rehobeth Beach, DE (2016) - "Etched in Stone"
  • Future Tenant, Pittburgh, PA (2015) - "Be That As It May" 
  • DreamCatcher Entertainment, New York City (2015) - Trash Day (staged reading)

  • Laugh Riot Performing Arts Center- Edinboro University  (PA)  (2014)"Fable Group" in Rollercoaster
  • Dodgeball Theatre, Herndon, VA (2013) - “Etched in Stone” and “Functions”
  • Sundial Theatre Company, Arlington, VA (2003) - The Dotted Line
  • Castaways Repertory Theatre, Woodbridge, VA (2001) -“The Snow Angel”
  • Love Creek Productions, New York City (2000) – “Functions”
  • Enlightenment Productions, Washington, DC (1999) - For the Time Being
  • Love Creek Productions, New York City (1999) - “Jackie Kennedy & Beethoven”
  • Love Creek Productions, New York City (1998) – “Etched in Stone”
  • Castaways Repertory Theatre, Woodbridge, VA (1993) – “Etched in Stone”
  • Encore Theatre (1992) Vienna, VA– Spin Cycle
1985– Virginia Commonwealth University

           Bachelor of Fine Arts –Theatre Education


2000 – George Mason University

             Master of Arts – English


2011 – University of Phoenix

           Master of Education – English as a Second Language


2018 - Midwest Dramatisist Conference finalist










Plays in Search of a Stage
Trash Day 
The story of a man who is transformed into the type of person he most despises, only to learn that life is not so much about how others perceive you as much as how you perceive yourself.
Astor Place
A musical about the true story of the Astor Place Riot of 1849 in New York City between the American actor Edwin Forrest and the British actor William Charles Macready. They were both playing Macbeth in the same city and the same night, but 22 innocent people were lost their lives due to their petty feud.
The Land of Homonym
A children's musical about Aurelius, a young boy in search of his parents, and a hole seller who sells a hole that will lead the boy on his journey.


Fable Group - Watermelon 2017.jpg

Scene from "Fable Group" - Watermelon, Inc., 

St. Mary's City, MD (2017)

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